Open Water Course 5D/4N@Redang Pelangi Resort

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Exclusive classroom (1) instructor vs (2) students

Available Course:
1/4/2019 – 30/9/2019

Packages Includes:

At Island

  • (5) Five days (4) Four nights’ @ Redang Pelangi Resort
    • Accommodation (Standard Twin Share Room with Breakfast)
    • Meals (Lunch & Dinner on Island)
    • Boat transfer (From Merang Jatty to Redang Island)
    • Airport transfer (Kuala Terengganu to Jetty)
  • (4) Four Open Water Dives @ Redang Pelangi Dive Centre
    • 2 Shore Dive
    • 2 Boat Dive
  • 5 Chapter of Confine Water Dive at Island
  • Theory Session
  • Instructor Professional Fees
  • Dive equipment rental
  • PADI course materials:-
    • Student manual
    • Logbook
    • ID Card
    • Certificate
    • Dive table
  • + 1 Snorkeling Trip

Day 1:
Arriving Redang Island & check in, theory sessions, confine water & 1 open water shore dive
Day 2:
Breakfast, continue confine sessions,after lunch , 2 open water dives, continue theory sessions till evening (If required)
Day 3:
Breakfast, 1 open water boat dive
Day 4:
Breakfast, final review and certification , snorkeling
Last day
After Breakfast, check out & bye

Package Excludes

  • Insurance
  • Marine Park fees
    • Malaysian RM 5 per Pax
    • Non-Malaysian RM 30 per Pax
  • Additional confine water session at swimming pool – RM 100
  • Additional training days inclusive resort accommodation,meals,open water session – will be extra charge
  • Holidays surcharge – Refer to resort
  • Rates are inclusive of 0% taxes


  • Resort closed:from 1 November till end of February .There will be no refund for service utilized
  • After you make your reservation, we will send you a quote including the total cost of the arrangement as soon as possible by email.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Must know how to swim (there will be a 200m swim test or a 300m snorkeling test)
  • Must know how to float ( there will be a 10 minute float test)

** Certification depends on your ability and your mastery of the skills and cannot be guaranteed

Open Water Course 5D/4N@Redang Pelangi Resort 有 4 个评价

  1. SimonChee

    人称魔鬼教练 … 去上课前和教练沟通,根本感觉不出,教练很有耐心的和我们讲解所有的细节。。 可是为什么上课时间却如此恐怖,如此严厉(可是为了我们的安全,这是必要的)教练你老实说,你是不是有双重人格啊 。。。 可是谢谢你的耐心教导,让我们两位菜鸟顺顺利利的完成潜水考证

  2. Louise Lew

    Exploring the 70% of earth and see the beauty of underwater world is my largest dream of real adventurers. Scuba diving is the best way to feeding my curiosity in exploring the underwater world.

    I am suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction since young. Therefore, my ears are especially sensitive to changes in air and water pressure. Water can easily trapped in my ear canal from any exposure to water. If this happens, I feel a tickling sensation in my ears and not able to hear as well or only hear muffled sounds. This feeling may extend for few days and I always have concern to go underwater world.

    I get to know Magic through my swimming coach and she shared a lot about him on how he challenges and motivates her to become a certified Open Water Diver. Magic’s experience and knowledge at dealing with the day to day problems faced by the students and his willingness and ability to pass that knowledge onto others brings invaluable benefit to students doing their scuba skill practices.

    Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

    I met Magic in March and I shared my condition with Magic and he share his thought to me and suggested me to try few methods to overcome my body challenges before sign up any diving courses. I have tried out his suggestion at the pool. Since then, I do not need my ear plugs whenever I go swimming and I have gained confidence that I can do the same underwater world.

    Now, I am now a certified Open Water Diver under the wings of Magic and I look forward to my my next trip with friends!

    If you are looking for experienced and patience diving instructor, Magic is your first choice!

    Lastly, I’d like to thank Pelangi Dive Center & Pelangi Resort’s screw for their support and help for the last 4 days trip. I was fed well and I love their delicious meals provided by the resort.

  3. Leow Kiat Kwong

    Although I’m an Handicap student but still my Master Magic never hesitate to teach me and advice me all the skills and rules of diving. He’s so patience and tolerate explained and teached me whenever questions I don’t understand. He teached me how to takeoff my weight belt, buckled back by one hand underwater and some other skills too. He accompanied us studies until midnight and never got angry and frustrated keep going teaching us. He’s a very strict and serious when he teaching us. Thank you very much Master Magic for giving me aopportunity to explore the mysterious and wonderful under the sea. Without you I won’t certified an Open Water Diver.
    Nevertheless 4days 3nites in Redang Pelangi Resorts make me feel like home. The foods, rooms, beaches and the dive centre all’s marvelous, especially the foods is well-cooked and delicious. Somemore all the foods is ‘HALAL’ so all the guests can enjoyed the foods. Don’t forget the dive centre well prepared diving equipments for your needs. How I wish I can stay a bit longer on this island……………………

  4. Jia Ying

    Very glad to be Magic’s student. Magic is a very dedicated instructor that will ensure students master all the necessary skills as it can be dangerous for one to be in the deep ocean if he or she does not know how to respond to the unexpected circumstances such as rip currents and the potential hazard of getting caught “off guard”.

    He might be very strict at times but i know that’s for our own good. He is very serious when it comes to teaching and will ensure that students master the skill before moving into the next skills . Hence , students will definitely benefited by attending the classes conducted by Magic.

    All in all , you will never regret once you’ve learned all the life-saving skills from Magic. Highly recommend him to be your instructor . What are you waiting for ? Sign up now ! 😀


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